School wide Learners outcomes

1) Complex Thinkers and Problem-Solvers –

Students will:

1.1 Use information from many sources.

1.2 Make good decisions based on the information found and think about this information.

1.3 Use learned information to solve real-life problems.

1.4 Learn how to deal with problems in the correct way.


2) Effective Communicators –

Students will:

2.1 Speak, read, and write Arabic and English languages clearly and successfully use them in their daily lives.

2.2 Use many sources to inform and communicate.

2.3 Speak clearly, listen closely, and respond appropriately.

2.4 Express and support their ideas with facts.


3) Independent Life-Long Learners –

Students will:

3.1 Be able to work hard by themselves and feel good about them work.

3.2 Be willing to take on challenges, to ask for help, and to learn from mistakes.

3.3 Accept new ideas and apply them on the outside world.

3.4 Set goals and work towards personal and life-long growth.


4) Collaborative Workers –

Students will:

4.1 Be able take on deferent roles in deferent situations.

4.2 Be able to problem solve by collaborating with others.

4.3 Pursue Leadership.

4.4 Be responsible friends with everyone.


5) Responsible Global Participants –

Students will:

5.1 Understand problems in our world.

5.2 Accept and appreciate people who are deferent from them.

5.3 Be able to solve problems in the real world.

5.4 Use what they have learned to make a deference in the world.



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