Student Council committee for 2020-2021

Students Council election academic year 2020-2021 

During the first week of November , AMIS students had their student council’s election for the academic year 2020-2021.

Candidates from each class prepared for their campaigns, each of them delivered a speech (video) in front of his/her classmates, they have also designed a poster displayed in their classes aiming to get as much votes as possible and reserve a place in the student council for this year.

The competition was tough in most of the classes.

Congratulations for the winners! Let’s wish them the best and support them.

Congratulates to our newly elected Student Council for 2021-2022 school year!

No. Position Student’s name Grade
1 President Obay Amr Mohammad Abdullah Ali Grade 7
2 Vice-President Noor Ayman Alyafi Grade 6
3 Secretary Jana Mohammed younes Anas Grade 8
4 Vice-Secretary Sadeen Mohamed Adel Mohamed Mahran Grade 6
5 Member Abdulkarim  Essam Ismail Grade 3
6 Member Ibrahim El Ahmad Grade 4
7 Member Hamad Mohd A H Al-Marri Grade 5
8 Member Hanen Mahmoud Ali Grade 5
9 Member Abdulla Mohd A H Al-Marri Grade 6
10 Member Batul El Ahmad Grade 6
11 Member Lojayn Amr Mohammad Abdullah Ali Grade 7
12 Member Jana Mohammed Younes Anas Grade 8
13 Member Sama Mahran Grade 6


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