Description of the Program:


We welcome children all around the world to our free fun EcoKids online activities this Sunday at 6 PM.

This session will focus on what the children have been up to and their accomplishments during the absence of our program. What they have learned individually and what they would like to share with the other kids. We look forward to their knowledge, experiences, and arts&crafts.

Any children you may think would like to join our EcoKids session please encourage the parents to register them as well.

Registration form:–J0q1HmVn9FzIFRlZ-MqCIXOY-X_PAg9PrKMAROUA/edit

Please note the following:

– kids should always enter the program’s chat room with a name that is registered on the form only.

– camera should be turn-on when entering the chat room so that we can see the kids.

– mic should be left muted and will be controlled from the operating room.

– kids must speak only after being called by their name to avoid interruption.

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful children



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