Elementary School

In AMIS we are following American curriculum based on clearly defined expectations for student learning and is aligned with school mission and vision. AMIS is following Common Core State Standards which empowers our teachers to identify objectives and use a rich array of instructional strategies and activities to meet students’ learning needs

The curriculum is well defined and includes essential knowledge and skills. There are written curriculum guides for all subject areas at all grade levels included in the school

Our curriculum is designed to provide assistance, while allowing for creativity, application of higher-order thinking skills and investigation of new approaches.

Elementary Level Curriculum places an emphasis upon the development of cognitive, and affective skills, develops the knowledge and competencies necessary for student success at the next level of education

Teachers adopt variety of teaching techniques to accommodate different student learning styles. We believe that students should be an active learners in the classrooms

Students have sufficient textbooks and additional learning resources to meet their various learning styles and teaching techniques

Teachers employ a variety of classroom assessments ( formative and summative) that provide feedback to students regarding their levels of achievement

Students receive 7 hours a day of teaching and interaction

The Elementary section from grades 1 through 6 are taught by experienced teachers. Students take core courses in English Language, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies. In addition to Ministry of education subjects (Arabic, religion, Qatar History ). Students also take non- core courses in physical education, computers and art twice a week and library once a week