Student Council Election 2020-2021

Welcome, Students!

Today is a special day as you will be electing AMIS student council committee for the class of 2020-2021.

Today you will hear more from each candidate about why they want to be in the student council committee, why you should vote for them, and what their plans are for this academic year if elected.

Please watch each candidate’s pre-recorded speech and listen to their words carefully. Make your selections today based on who you think would do the best job leading the student body during the current school year.

Please fill out the voting form on Microsoft teams which will be available this morning.

The form will close at 4:00 PM.

Any votes submitted after 4:00 PM will not be counted.

The student in each category with the most votes will be elected. Good luck to all the candidates!


Bana Echty

Dania Mahdawi

Tulip Al salhani

logain Assad

Mohamed sheikha

Ahmed Aboubasha

Ahmad Al-Jassim

Tameem Al-Jassim

Fatima Al Harami

Sara Mutilak

Hamzah Mehdawi

Mubarak Al Otaibi

Mariam Al kaabi

Sara Mutilak

Almayasa Alzeyara

Hamda Al Kaabi

Alanoud Al-Kaabi

Sidra Mutilak

Fatima Al Remahi

Mohamed Al kaabi