Middle & High School

Welcome to the Middle /High School at Al Manar International School. You have found a place in which we take seriously the work of shaping dreams into goals. We invite you to join our expert middle level educators in our tireless quest to teach, coach, mentor, counsel and challenge young people to give their best, hone their skills, refine their goals, and commit to making a difference in the world

We promote academic rigor, high expectations, personal responsibility, and civic mindedness

Our MS/HS is organized to support the core values daily in our instructional program. A rich program of core courses, language and technology electives. In addition to a strong academic program, the Middle/High School offers a wide variety of school activities

At AMIS we are following American curriculum based on clearly defined expectations for student learning and is aligned with school mission and vision. AMIS is following Common Core State Standards which empowers our teachers to identify objectives and use a rich array of instructional strategies and activities to meet students’ learning needs

The curriculum is well defined and includes essential knowledge and skills. There are written curriculum guides for all subject areas at all grade levels included in the school

Course Descriptions


The language arts program is designed to expand each student’s ability to communicate effectively through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students practice speaking and listening through regular classroom discussion and the oral presentation of projects. They develop their reading skills through a varied program of independent reading, guided reading of short stories and novels, shared reading, and participation in literature circles. The focus of writing will be on personal narratives, informational texts, essays, and realistic fiction. By learning to keep a writer’s notebook, students will develop and apply literary techniques to enhance their writing abilities


Students in the MS/HS expand upon their computational skills and number sense acquired in earlier years, and apply them in problem solving situations. Fluency with rational numbers such as fractions, decimals and percent’s as well as whole numbers is stressed while studying proportional reasoning, geometry, probability and statistics, and algebraic thinking. Combining these understandings with the ability to explain their thinking and reason mathematically prepares the students for further mathematics and applications to everyday situations

Grade 7: Pre- Algebra

Grade 8: Algebra 1

Grade 9: Geometry

Grade 10: Algebra 2

Grade 11: Pre- Calculus

Grade 12: Calculus

Social Studies

MS/HS social studies students will be challenged with the task of answering essential questions about History and Geography

Grade 7: Exploring Our World 1

Grade 8: Exploring Our World 2

Grade 9: Geoghraphy

Grade 10: World History I

Grade 11: World History II

Grade 12: Psychology/ Sociology


Provide students with Science program focuses on allowing students to explore their world through research and inquiry-based discovery learning. The students are taught to formulate questions, predict solutions, design experiments and carry them out in the science lab

Grade 7-8-9: General Science

Grade 10: Chemistry

Grade 11: Biology

Grade 12: Physics


AMIS follows the Ministry of Education and high Education Curriculum, the Curriculum provide opportunities for students to better understand reading and writing skills


AMIS follows the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Curriculum, the Curriculum provide opportunities for students to better understand Islamic values and ethics

Qatar History

AMIS follows the Ministry of Education and high Education Curriculum, the Curriculum provide opportunities for students to better understand Qatari culture and tradition,  Qatar history through stories expressed through our units of study. Field trips can be linked to the relevant units of study