Swimming Competition

With sports we excel … With insist we win

Al Manar International School is very interested in sports because of its countless benefits and its ability to build a balanced student’s personality. Sport also teaches patience, endurance, self-confidence, willpower, perseverance and activity, students are taught the spirit of leadership, fair competition, cooperation, planning and respect for laws.

In this context, our school participated in the Swimming competition “first level, Boys” within the School Olympic Games program in the eleventh edition.

On Sunday, December 3, 2017, the student “Abdullatif Al-Muhannadi” conducted the test in the swimming pool of Al-Arabi Club, under the supervision of the sport teacher and a group of specialists. He has been tested in three different skills in which he had excelled, and passed the test successfully and qualified to the first round of competitions.

In this way, the student was qualified to the next round, which will be more enthusiastic. AMIS school management takes the opportunity to express pride of “Abdullatif “player of the Qatar National team in swimming and wishes him continued success and brilliance.