Principal’s Message

Dear parents,

It’s a great honor for me, Mrs. Imene Oueslati, Principal of Al Manar International Kindergarten, to wish you all a great school year 2018-2019 full of achievements and positive outcome as well as fun.

I am here to assure you that we share the same aspirations for our dear students and that our mission cannot be achieved without your effective presence. We trust that your role as guardians is essential for our efforts to be fruitful.

We are aware of the huge responsibility laid on our shoulders and we ascertain you that we are up to it and ready to assume it, armed with an up to date curriculum and a highly qualified, well experienced educators. Nevertheless, your continuous support and assistance as parents is highly appreciated and will be of great value. Hence, and as a start we look forward to having you make sure that your child:

  • Attends school on time and never skip classes
  • Does his/ her homework on a daily basis.
  • Has no problem whatsoever at school.
  • Is happy at school.


Note: Please if you happen to see any dissatisfaction from the part of your child, don’t ever hesitate to share it with us, so that we sort out any problems in no time.

Dear parents,

We have more than one communication channel open between you and us, the school:

  1. As a principal, I follow an open door policy.
  2. We have a communication notebook.
  3. Online communication channel; Classdojo.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or pay us visits to keep track of your children’s learning and behavioral progress.

We have a great team at Maamoura KG which is ready to provide you with the best possible teaching opportunities.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at school, and we hope that together we manage to fulfill the school’s mission, to provide students with an equitable education and promote academic excellence for all, foster cultural diversity that helps develop students socially and confidently to become productive citizens in a safe learning environment to face the challenges of the 21st Century and prepare them to identify and access the best opportunities globally.


Sincerely yours in education,

Mrs. Imene Oueslati

The Principal