Career Day

Career Day in kindergarten has many valuable benefits. First, it provides students an up-close and personal view of a variety of jobs. Second, it offers parents to get involved in their children’s education and school life. And, of course, it raises students’ confidence and makes them feel proud of their parents.

Al Manar kindergarteners had a fantastic time during celebration of Career Day on May 2nd , 2019. KG teachers prepared a morning assembly where children played “Guess who I am” game. Each teacher came dressed up in a certain job’s costume and presented this job to the assembly. Children were amazed to recognize in their teachers a doctor, a cook, a pilot, a farmer and a taxi driver!

Students came to school dressed up, too. Little policemen, firefighters, nurses and doctors looked very smart! Children spoke about their future careers and tried to explain how they will help the community in their job.

Parents were invited to join the classes and talk to children about the jobs they do.

Kindergarteners enjoyed the day. They got exposed to a wide variety of jobs and were encouraged to think about what they will be when they grow up.