Happy Mother’s Day

As we all know mother has a very special place in the heart of her kids. Mother’s caring love gives us strength and comforts our souls. Mother cares for us so much, she becomes happy when we laugh and she becomes sad when we cry. She is the one who always stands for us, devoted to us like no one else in the world. Bearing in mind this special bonding relation AlManar International Kindergarten dedicated a whole school day to honor its students’ moms on the occasion of the Mother’s Day.

Students have prepared cards, crafts and songs to present to their dearest mothers as expression of love and gratitude. KG2 students decorated a card where they listed five things that make their moms special. KG1s made a flower shape crafts; on each petal of the flower students wrote words that describe their moms. Preschoolers used different shapes cut-outs to decorate a heart for their beloved mommies.

On Thursday 21st March mothers were welcomed to our classrooms to enjoy the day with their kids.  A number of math-themed stations were set up in the playground.  Children rotated from station to station and took turns in different games. They felt proud to show to their dearest moms how smart and knack they are. Mothers helped kids to go through challenging math tasks, compete, enjoy and win.  Back to classrooms children presented their gifts and sang Mother’s Day songs.

It was a remarkable day that broke the everyday classroom routine and created long lasting memories and unforgettable family bonding experiences.