Around the World in One Day

The International Day this year was our way to celebrate cultural diversity of the four parts of the world – Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Each of the four buildings of our campus chose to represent one of the continents and each class went on exploring a country within their continent. Armenia, Japan, India, France and Italy, Algeria, Morocco and Cameroon, Mexico, Canada and the United States – our students got familiarized with these countries’ geography, history, language, customs and traditions. Children prepared a traditional craft, song and dance of the country they had adopted.

The culmination of this learning experience was all day travel around the world that took place on January, 30th. Parents were invited to watch a spectacular performance of our students that brought on stage music and dance from all parts of the world.  They could observe informative displays about Asia, Europe, Africa and America; taste traditional dishes and just enjoy spending time with their kids and having fun.

The International Day is one of our major culture enrichment programs. This event broadens our students’ horizons and affords opportunities to learn about contemporary countries and cultures while forming a greater understanding of their own place in the wider community.