Hooray! It’s 100th Day!

On Thursday, February 14th AMIK kindergarten celebrated 100th Day of School. This year 100th Day fell on Sports week so we took the advantage to have more fun and provided a number of educational and physical games and activities for our dear students. The classes were divided into red, green, blue, yellow, purple and orange color teams. Each section team competed in sprint racing, rolling a ball, zigzag running, jump bags racing, jumping over the rope and many other outdoor activities.

Back to classes, kindergarteners created 100th Day craft. They decorated fancy crowns and medals that proudly proclaimed our students to be “100 Days Smarter’”, which is really true! Preschoolers demonstrated their counting skills while making beads bracelets and flowers. KG1s “grew” a 100 hearts tree and had fun building 100 plastic cups tower. KG2 students showed their readiness for Year 1 challenges by completing “I can write100 words” chart and counting from 1 to 100 while placing gumballs onto template of a gumball machine.

A great day at our kindergarten! Our students proved once again that smart and physically fit children are being raised here! Both teachers and children enjoyed the activities that encouraged team spirit and deepened relationship bonds within the classroom.