International Day

Share and discover similarities and differences among cultures

International Day

AMIS students and teachers in Izghawa campus celebrated “International Day” on Thursday, 28th of February 2019, and had showcased rich variety of cultures and traditions.

The International Day is one of our major cultural enrichment programs which reflect AMIS diverse community and intercultural awareness. It is an opportunity for students to bring fun into learning about different cultures and develop an appreciation of the multicultural environment in our school; whereby each class represents a country to explore and become familiarized with its geography, history, language, customs, and culture. Hence, students and teachers together make discoveries and learn about diversity in the world and show creativity in decorating the classes with posters, flags, and photos related to the chosen country.

All students came dressed in their chosen class country’s National custom and travelled across the globe through presentations that were held in all classes about these countries, Art works, Quizes, traditional dances, and tasting the traditional food as they visited each other’s classrooms which represented: Iceland, India, America, France, Greece,  Ireland, Bulgaria, Spain, Tunisia.

Parents were invited to share their children’s happiness and watch the performances of students who presented the traditional dance of each country during the special celebration.

It was a great honor and pleasure to host H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in Qatar sharing the celebration with our students and explaining useful information about Bulgaria.

It was a fun-filled day with enthusiasm in every classroom and a wonderful, broad range of learning opportunities for students in our caring school community to be empowered for tomorrow.