AMIS Sports Day- A Sound Mind in A Healthy Body

AMIS Sports Day- A Sound Mind in A Healthy Body

The importance of sports encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity; Sport increases the self-esteem and mental alertness necessary for every person. It teaches us many life skills like teamwork, leadership, and patience. As well, sports instill the sportsmanship in us which helps us to accept both victory and defeat in order to face the challenges of life.

A splendid and active “Sports Day” was held in Al Manar International School/Izghawa on Thursday, February 14, 2019, it was dedicated to having fun, playing together and promoting physical activity and health for everyone. Parents, Karate Coach, Squash and basketball coaches from Qatar Sports Club were invited to participate in this special event. The fantastic turnout from the parents and coaches and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students on their much-awaited day.

There were lots of team games and each team was supervised by a sports coach and a teacher. Students competed with joy and sportsmanship the Tug of war, long jump, trampoline jump, netball, Table Tennis and many more activities. Parents and Teachers were engaged with students in different games to encourage and motivate them to play with enthusiasm.

A Basketball match took place between a team of teachers, coaches and students, encouraged by an excited and enthusiastic crowd whom cheers filled up the air calling for the favorite team and motivating its players to score and win.

During this day, the principal delivered appreciation certificates for participated parents and the coaches who gave plenty of their time and efforts to make this day successful and unforgettable.