STEM Day: “A day to be remembered”

STEM Day: “A day to be remembered”

At AMIS, we believe that:” our students are the makers of future.”

STEM Education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.

For this purpose, the Science and Mathematics Departments conducted the STEM Day on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday, 24th of January 2019; to explain the integration between Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and its result. Our aim is to introduce these topics via gamified and interest-based learning and turn these challenging subjects into fun activities that students can easily grasp and truly enjoy.

The school playground was divided into several stations, each one representing a different subject and included a range of interest-based activities and experiments that reinforced important concepts using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, sparked students’ curiosity and brought their lessons to life. A guest from the “STEM Xplorers” center explained to students about EV3 Robotics.

Students from all grade levels were involved in a variety of activities and experiments such as: Density tower, color wheel, balloon powered vehicles, Red cabbage indicator, projectile motion, Parachute, diffusion of water, Electricity and many others.

Our students spent an amazing day wondering between the different stations, performing the various activities and explaining to their classmates the objective of each experiment.