Character Day

Character Day

At the end of Reading and Writing week, AMIS/ Izghawa students celebrated the Character Day on Thursday, 11th of October 2018. The aim of this activity was promoting love of reading books and stories within students, sharing their favorite characters and learning about their beautiful stories. It is also a way to emphasize the importance of reading; a mission that is reinforced by all AMIS teachers for eager learners.

On this day, students came to school dressed up in their favorite characters from movies, stories and books. Boys dressed up like their favorite heroes or cartoon characters, and girls dressed up like their favorite princesses from different movies.

During the morning assembly, students spoke about their favorite characters and the reason why they liked them. The students were very happy when they saw the Minion Character joining them, enjoyed playing with it to make their day special.

During the break, students enjoyed watching the play “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, which was presented by KG and Gr1 teachers; they were excited and interactive with the characters of the play.

The day was special with the variety of characters, which showed that there are no limits to students’ imagination, and added plenty of laughter and excitement to all students and staff.