Welcome to Al Manar International School’s PTA

Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you of the elected representatives of the 2018-2019 “Parent Teacher Association”. We will be consulting with them in terms of the school activities, objectives and any new developments in the school programs.

We look forward to a very rewarding year to provide the assistance we can, and allow the school to perform at its optimum level.

Feel free to contact the school, whenever you need information about the parent teacher association.

Please check below, the list of the members elected for this academic year.

Mrs. Zahraa Hasan President
Mrs. Shimaa Esmat Ismail Vice President
Mr. Ala’a Walid Alsheikh Hussein Secretary
Mrs. Ashjan Saleh Al- Khalaf Treasurer
Mr. Zied Ahmad Mustafa Al-Zobi Member
Mrs. Sara Musaed Sultan Al Abdulla Member
Mr. Abdulla Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti Member
Mrs. Eman Mohamed Member
Miss. Ola Younes Member



We encourage all parents to become active in the PTA as it is a very important connection between home and school. Below we have provided a little sample of what a PTA does and does not do so that you will have an overview of the PTA.  It is our hope that you consider joining the PTA to build a strong partnership with the school for the success of the students.

The PTA Does

  • Support the educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school
  • Encourage parents’ involvement in their individual children’s lives, education, class, and school provides
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for school programs
  • Coordinate programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum
  • Encourage/fund the increased exposure of students to technology
  • Provide feedback/assist with increased awareness of school safety and security issues
  • Support the educational goals of the school and assist with attaining those goals through parent and community volunteerism
  • Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts to staff PTA functions and assist with school programs
  • A LOT ! ! !

The PTA Doesn’t Not:

  • Run the school
  • Force parents to participate in PTA and/or school activities
  • Set policy regarding school programs
  • Define the school’s curriculum
  • Dictate the technology platforms and/or software used by the school
  • Define or interfere with  the school’s security program and policies
  • Set the educational goals, testing requirements, or compliance factors
  • Have jurisdiction or authority over school staff, teachers, and other employees