Spelling Bee Competition

Bee Day on 20th of March 2019 took place at Al Manar International School Al Sadd. Spellers and their families arrived Wednesday at the venue, and the competition began at 8:30 am.

A spelling bee competition is a great way to generate interest in spelling and to motivate students to succeed!

Students practiced a lot of words aloud with their friends and family members .We posted spelling words to encourage our students on the bulletin boards. Sixth Graders helped, encouraged and tested their friends from different levels on words that they prepared.

On 20th of March , it was a special day for Dafna branch. Omar , Bara’ ( grade 1 ) , AbdelAziz Al Otaibi , Tameem ( grade 2 A,B ) , Fida’ and Bana ( 3 A,B ) , Deema and Hamza   ( grade 4 ) , Iyad and Youssef ( grade 5 ) , Imran and Nayla ( grade 6 )  showed lots of responsibilities during the Spelling Bee preparation  . Students asked their English Teachers if there is a specific extra list of words so they can study.

The winners in the first ranks are : Baraa , Tammeem Yousseff , Fida’ , and Imran … Proud of youuuuuuuuu …

……..Then study!……….

Enthusiastic, excited, frustrated, lips pressed, flushed faces …Our Students were scared but strong .They were stressed but under control .We can hear easily their  hearts’ beatings  from miles , but they were trustworthy , they were sure that they will win the competition . English Teachers spread love, confident, and power to their students .Students were armies going to get what they deserve …They deserve all of the trophies … Their hard work finally paid off and didn’t  go for waste ….They spelled all of the difficult words properly with all their knowledge and confident … They are our stars who shined on that day …


………… It is only the beginning in the English Department ……….