‘My Identity’ visual arts exhibition’

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education on Tuesday announced the details of the exhibition for the creators of visual arts under the title ‘My Identity’, which will be held from February 24 to March 7.
Head of the Visual Art Unit of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Suad al Salem said the exhibition, in its third edition, witnessed a real boom with the participation of 197 schools, an increase of 94 schools compared to 2018, noting that the exhibition is characterized by its distinctive displays of creativity of students and teachers.
Salem pointed out that the exhibits reflect the extent to which the students adhere to their original Arab customs, traditions and heritage, calling on intellectuals and educators to visit the exhibition in order to see the poetry and the rising talent that interact with the issues of its society.

AMIS Dafna Campus participated with two drawings one for the creative and talented teacher Ms. Hager Maher, and the second drawing is for a third grader Bana Achty.

The head of the visual art Unit of the Ministry of Education Suad Al Salem selected Ms. Hager’s drawing to be displayed at the exhibition and our little artist Bana Echty’s drawing was selected to be displayed in the exhibition book.