Principal’s Message

Dear AMIS Family,

Happy New Year!!! We, at AMIS, are excited to welcome you back from a very well deserved break. It is our hope that the middle of the school year will be just as successful as the beginning. Continuing to cultivate and grow our community, the PTA will start having “Fresh Start Mornings” more information will be forwarded to you concerning this activity. Also, we have a host of activities comin g up this second trimester.  Kindly check class dojo regularly and your child’s book bags for updates.

Term Focus : Reading Comprehension Strategies

  1. Making Connections

Readers constantly make connections as they read; connections to their own lives, another book, or real world events. Bringing those connections out and discussing then can lead to more interaction and interest in a text as well as deepen comprehension.

  • What does this book remind you of?
  • Have you experienced any of the events or situations in this book?
  • Can you understand how the character was feeling? Why?
  • What do you know about the book’s topic?
  • Does this book remind you of another book?
  1. Visualizing

Readers create pictures in their minds as they read. If they aren’t able to, comprehension is lost. Perhaps background knowledge isn’t solid enough for the child to understand the text or perhaps he or she needs to reread for understanding. You could have your children make stops while reading aloud to describe the pictures in their minds. They could even draw for you what they see. You could ask them questions…

  • What do you picture as you read this paragraph?
  • When reading this story did you make pictures in your head?
  • How did these pictures help you understand the story better?

Kindly use these questions when reading to your children at home.  We would like to send the following reminders below just to get you re-acclimated for the return of school.


  • Arrival and Dismissal Times: 7:00-7:30AM Arrival time in the morning. All Gates will be closed promptly at 7:30AM and students will be considered late after 7:35AM.
  • KG Dismissal: Kg 1 and 2 students will be dismissed from the Canteen every day at 12:45PM. Parents will not be permitted on campus as other classes are still ongoing.
  • Dismissal Grades 1-12: All gates will be open at 1:30 for parents to take students home. Kindly note this is not the time for conferencing with teachers.

Warmest Regards,

La’Sandra E. White, Ed.S.

Principal-Al Sadd