Principal’s Message

Dear AMIS Family,           

Happy New Year!!! We, at AMIS, are excited to welcome you back from a very well deserved break. Below are some reminders to help everyone get back to the routine of coming to school. It is our hope that the middle of the school year will be just as successful as the beginning.

School Focus E.S.: Math Fluency


Research has shown that long-term success in mathematics is closely tied to strong number sense, including fluency with basic facts. The sooner your child becomes fluent with her or his addition and subtraction facts from 1-10, the better! Addition and subtraction of larger numbers will be much easier to master, and multiplication and division are easier to learn with the support of addition and subtraction fluency. Below are some websites to assist in this practice:

Here are some math resources for middle and high school:


School Focus M&H.S.: The importance of being on time to class

This belief can negatively impact their future work ethic and employment opportunities. Alternatively, showing up on time to school every day can help students develop of the habit of being punctual with important commitments. This habit can serve high school students well through college and into their future careers

1. Chronic lateness for class is interfering with learning and participation
2. Is late for class two or more times per week and misses initial instruction and/or learning activities


  • Arrival and Dismissal Times: 7:00-7:30AM Arrival time in the morning. All Gates will be closed promptly at 7:30AM and students will be considered late after 7:35AM.
  • KG Dismissal: Kg 1 and 2 students will be dismissed from the Canteen every day at 12:45PM. Parents will not be permitted on campus as other classes are still ongoing.
  • Dismissal Grades 1-12: All gates will be open at 1:30 (S-Wed) and 12:45 (Thurs) for parents to take students home. Kindly note this is not the time for conferencing with teachers.


Warmest Regards,

La’Sandra E. White, Ed.S.

Principal-Al Sadd