Qatari Traditional Dress Day

On the 5th of October 2021, AMIS celebrated the Qatari Traditional Dress Day in order to ensure the school’s permanent endeavor stemming from its vision and mission to inculcate and develop the spirit of Qatari identity in the hearts of its students. Accordingly, students were invited to wear the traditional Qatari dress, as it is a part and parcel of the Qatari identity. Moreover, it is a cultural symbol inherited through generations, and it has a great importance among the Qatari people which explains the adherence of the majority of Qatari citizens to it as they wear it regularly whether in their daily activities or official occasions and interviews.

        Today’s event was a source of pride and happiness. The beautiful traditional Qatari costumes embellished our school, and highlighted the greatness and uniqueness of the Qatari identity.