AMIS Students…Delegates of World Countries!

Georgetown Model United Nations invited AMIS high school students to participate in GMUN Fall Session 2020. The Social Studies Department was thrilled to accept the invitation , and be part of this interesting event.

Eight students from Grade 11 and two students from Grade 12 were chosen to be delegates of the following countries: Germany, China, Pakistan, Italy, UAE, Canada, Denmark, India, Bangladesh, and Belgium. Each delegate pertained to a different committee such as SC, HRC, DISEC, SPECPOL, UNDP, UNESCO, Arab League… After selecting the name of the country, and assigning the committee, AMIS students spent weeks working on their speeches. They created a group on “Teams” to facilitate communication with their advisors Mrs. Lana AlTakouri, and Ms. Mariem Hamdi. They attended online meetings, and kept in touch for any updates. On the 12th of November, the first session started. Enthusiasm overwhelmed everyone! AMIS students introduced themselves as delegates, and were really glad to get to know students from many other schools. On the 13th and 14th of November, debates continued and suspense grew! The advisors kept encouraging our dear delegates assuring them that they can make it! Eventually, the dream came true, and we yielded great results: Grade 11 student Kinda AlBahri was awarded the Best Delegate certificate, and Grade 12 students Faisal ALZaar, and AlBara ElKhalaf were awarded the “Honorable Mention” certificates. Proud of you, dear students!

All the best for all AMIS students in national , and international competitions. We won’t stop encouraging our hard-working students. We will be always supporting them, and valuing their efforts.