Qatar Debate 2020/2021

Here is a briefing about AMIS presence in Qatar Debate for the 20/21 Tournaments.


We managed so far to:

  • Select 12 students to represent AMIS in Qatar Debate tournaments on the 31 October for Girls and 7th November for Boys.
  • Include 8 students as debate observers.
  • Involve three Qatari girls in Qatar Team that will represent Qatar in the World Schools Debate Championships in Macau ( Republic of China).
  • Have more than 12 hours of extensive training for students with Qatar Debate coaches.
  • Have trainings on 19th and 21st October from 4 to 7 Pm for 5 teachers to be Debate Judges, and we will have advanced training in November, January, and March.

We have already participated in the first tournament for Girls on the 31st of October, and Boys on the 7th of November and we qualified for the upcoming Tournaments in February, looking forward to attaining the Finals and rank among the BIG Ones.

We have done and are still doing our part in involving AMIS in significant National and International events, and we do trust that our management and admin will show all gratitude, appreciation, and support, as they have always done.