Qatar National Day

Believing and cherishing our homeland, and Qatar National Day, Almanar International School Alsadd branch, with all members of the school community, including administration staff, teachers and our dear students, sought to organize a celebration at school. The celebration took place on Tuesday the 17th of December on the school campus. In celebration of Qatar National Day, in an atmosphere that is overwhelmed with the spirit of love, appreciation sense of homeland pride, the school organized cultural activities that included all age groups and involved all grades and aimed at emphasizing the cultural heritage. The students also enjoyed Qatar National foods. 

  We were honored with the presence of our cherished parents, along with many public figures who also participated in enjoying the special event. We, as an educational institute that believes in developing a sense of belonging and solidarity, have ensured the participation of all the students to enhance the skill of organization, time management, and team spirit in helping and assisting the teacher supervisors and facilitating the success of the celebration and making it happen. On this day, we announce solidarity in raising bright flags that flutter in loyalty and pride.