Spelling Bee

As each year, the English department worked on making the spelling bee competition a great event for both students and teachers. Our focus on the spelling bee competition each year is for the valuable learning outcome which results in the children gaining competency over vocabulary, and this allows them to excel at reading and writing. The ability to understand more words is also a way to make students enjoy reading more and more. This is in addition to enhancing their competitive spirit.

This year’s School Wide Spelling Bee Competition was held on Thursday the 20th  of March 2019. Students from the three campuses gathered in AL Sadd Campus in a joyful atmosphere. All of us enjoyed seeing students eager and motivated to be in the first place. We do congratulate and thank the Spelling Bee contestants: both those who made it in the preliminary competition and those who won the school wide contest. Deep thanks go also to Principals and the Academic Staff for attending and helping in making this event a great success.