100 Days of school

KGs, Grade 1 and 2 in Al-Manar School happily celebrated “100 Days of School” last week.


Activities included students decorating their classroom boards using water bottle lids. They reviewed their activities during these 100 days of school like trips and projects.

Students wore t-shirts with “100 Days of School” logo written on it to remember this special day.

Some students made monsters out of 100 supplies such as sticks, feathers, googly eyes, paper clips, ribbon, etc. They counted each item as they creatively glued them on.

Kg1 and Kg2 students read storybooks together called ‘One hundred Hungry Ants’. Students learned that team work is important and all the different groups or amounts that 100 can be divided into (1 group of 100, 2 groups of 50, 4 groups of 25, 5 groups of 20 and 10 groups of 10).

Lastly, they built a “Tower during the 100 Cups’ Race”. Students got to physically experience the sum of 100 by stacking the cups together.